Dab of Darkness wrote a review of Dissolution of Peace. Here it is, re-blogged for your enjoyment.

Dab of Darkness

FloresDissolutionOfPeaceWhy I Read It: Epic space opera – why wouldn’t I?

Where I Got It: Through the blog tour host Orangeberry (thanks!)

Who I Recommend This To: It’s very fast pace, so someone looking for lots of action.

Publisher: Plasma Spyglass Press (2012)

Length: 216 pages

Series: Book 1, I think, based on how this book ended.

In this far future space opera, humans have colonized not only the moon, but also Mars. In fact, a schism arose between the Martians and the Earthers decades before our tale begins. Captain Christina Serenity is one of the youngest Navy captains ever in the history of bureaucratic naval red tape. She kicks ass by the way. However, she recently was the recipient of an ass-kicking and requires body guards. Barely recovered from her injuries, and guarded by long-time Security Officer Michael Carlson and newbie Janice Kanter, she takes the E.S.S. Australia out…

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