I’ve been away from the blogging world for a long time.  And to be honest, I’ve been away from the creative world for a bit too. Life has been a bit rough and chaotic for me. It all the madness, my muses seem to have taken a bit of a vacation.  But, one day they came back and I went right to work.

First, I revamped Flores Factor, my author website. I am sure I will tweak it some more, but it felt nice to build something from code again versus letting WordPress do most of the work.  But to that end, I went back to blogging here at my WordPress site.

One of the reasons my muses left was the devastating closure of Plasma Frequency.  My magazine of science fiction and fantasy was forced to close after someone took thousands of dollars from the bank account.  Years of funding were lost and the results were tough for me.

But I was shocked by how unwilling the SciFi and Fantasy community was to just let us slip away.  There was a ton of support and even a few other publishing houses that offered to take over Plasma Frequency.  I’m grateful for all that. In fact, that support is the reason I couldn’t let Plasma Frequency fade away.  And now I have revamped the idea of the magazine, without changing the very core of what it is, and I am ready to come back to publishing.

New Masthead Black Font

Hence the #PFMreturns that you may have see on a few of my social media posts.  I am trying to bring Plasma Frequency back and I need a little help.  I need $1450 to get us going again.  Not a whole lot of money, but just enough for us to come back to work.  At the time of this post, just a little over 36 hours into fundraising, we’ve hit 23% funding already.  I’ve set a goal to be at 33% funding by tonight.

So I humbly ask that the SciFi and Fantasy community rally together again to see us return to publishing.  We even have some cool ideas we are going to be starting, including a rookie author feature.  Check it all out at the Kickstater page.  If you can’t donate, share.  Don’t just share the campaign.  Share your favorite story, read the past issues and share one. If you’ve worked with us, share your positive experience with other authors.  Use #PFMreturns so we can follow along.

Thanks again for reading my blog and baring with my extended absence.  I can’t wait to start publishing again in 2016!

Kickstater Link: 


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