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Please note:  Clicking these links will take you AWAY from my website.  Therefore I am not responsible for the content on them.  They are hosted and edited by third parties not affiliated with me.  (P.S. Hatrackers are members of the Hatrack Writers Group which is linked below).

Links to Pages about Richard Flores IV:

Amazon Author Page

Goodreads Author Page

Links to Other Authors:

Lets face it, we all have to promote each other.  Here are some writers I recommend because they are good and have some how helped me.  Also, just because I didn’t list them here doesn’t mean they are not good.  I either have not been to their website, or I forgot.  It happens.  I will update this as I remember sites and people who I forgot.

Orson Scott Card

He needs no introduction if you are a SF fan.  If you are not, well sorry.

Jeffrey A. Carver

An excellent writer and one of the nicest people you will come in contact with.

Robert Shane Wilson

Mr. Wilson is a fellow Hatracker with several Novellas out.   He has a great novel coming out in October 2011 (e-version sooner).  He is very helpful in my writing needs and his novel is outstanding.  The link goes to his Blog for Shining in Crimson.

Michael R. McDuffee

One of my fellow Hatrackers and his blog offers great tips and tricks.  Check out his site for more on his books.

Karen T. Smith

Another Fellow Hatracker and talented Author.  Check out her site for more info on her writings.

Trina Marie Phillips

Yet another fellow Hatracker and talented Author.  She is also a globe trotter and blogs about writing and travels on her Blog Hazardous Terrain.

Jean Hopkins

Jean Hopkins is a fellow Hatracker and emerging Author.

Meredith Mansfield

Another Hatracker and talented Author.

Links to Publications:

Here are some of the publications I enjoy reading.  Check them out.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

In my opinion the best print only publication you can get.  Subscribe for good stories that make you think.

Intergalactic Medicine Show

Orson Scott Cards Speculative Fiction Magazine

Daily Science Fiction

Daily Science Fiction sent to you by email…. what could be better.  Oh, it is absolutely FREE!

Liquid Imagination

An online publication which gave my first Fiction Publication.  They do something great here, in that they combine the written word with audio and art to really give you a unique experience as a reader.


This magazine is created and edited by another fellow hatracker.  Support him and check it out.

Links on Writing:

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy by Jeffrey A. Carver

This is a free (and very helpful) guide to getting started in writing.  You can imagine the wealth of knowledge put on here for free.  I strongly urge new or aspiring authors to read this first.  It is an eye opener.  A special thanks to Mr. Carver for posting this free of charge.

Hatrack River Writers Workshop

Hatrack (as you will often here me refer to it as) is hosted by Kathleen Dalton Woodbury on Orson Scott Cards website.  It is a writers workshop for writers of all levels.  I participate there as well.  If you are an aspiring author of Speculative Fiction, I invite you to join us and share your works with us.


The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America is a professional organization for authors of Speculative Fiction.  They are difficult to join, and someday I hope to be among them.  However, they have a wealth of information on there that anyone can read.

Doutrope’s Digest

Taken from their page: “…an award-winning, free writers’ resource listing over 3500 current Fiction and Poetry publications. Use this page to search for markets that may make a fine home for the piece you just polished.”

They offer a lot of free services including a market search tool and submission tracker.  I use it for every short piece I submit.  It is an invaluable resource.  It is free, but please donate to them if you use it.  I would like to see them stay active.

Links I enjoy:

Besides Facebook, Google+, and sometimes Twitter I use the net to visit some of these great sites.  Both as a writer and for fun.

Jeff Russell’s Starship Dimensions

Ever wondered what the U.S.S Voyager would look like next to the Deathstar.  Here you go.  Scale models of a bunch of Spaceships.  Maybe someday one of my spaceships will be on there.


If you are a lover of Disneyland as I am.  You may remember a few long gone attractions.  Never fear.  This site has the memories and pictures of all you old favorites.

Space Math

What can I say?  If you write/read SF you will likely enjoy this site.

Tomb Raider Chronicles and Tomb Raider News

I am in love with the Tomb Raider video game franchise.  I would love to write a book based on the games (or at least the characters). Here are some unofficial sites with news and info on Lara Croft and her games.

On the topic of Video Games, Space Quest was one of the best ones I remember playing as a kid.  Here is a tribute to that game.