“Death Watch” was nominated by an unknown reader for the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll in the category of Best Science Fiction and Fantasy short story of 2011.

Well the results are in.  After putting up a great fight with another story, “Death Watch” finished in second place.  I find this a great honor and was so happy just to be nominated.  Of course, I would have loved first place.  But there were 42 short stories nominated and a second place finish for my debut short story is a great place to be.

Best of all, I think I received some of the nicest comments of any of the works nominated.  Here are those comments:

Great story. He deserves to win

His stories are always so unique they never fail to hold my attention. He has a way of writing that stays in your memory after you’ve already finished the story. There are very few stories that hold that sort of space in my memory.

Awesome story!!

It held my interest from the beginning to the end.

Very captivating and imaginative. A must read!

Wow! Great job, Richard! I’m so proud of you!

Nice story, nicely done, with nice writing. In terms of the writing an interesting world, nicely thought out.

Captivating story with great imagery.


I write for the readers and the fact that my readers would nominate me, vote for me so highly, and take the time to leave such thoughtful (and completely optional) comments is very encouraging to any author.  I hope that my short stories continue to find their ways to markets, so that all of you can continue to enjoy them.

Thank you for your votes, thank you for taking the time to read my stories, and thank you for your support.  If you haven’t read all my stories, check out the bibliography section for a constantly updated list of works by me.


2 thoughts on ““Death Watch” takes Second Place

    1. Thank you. There was an initial disappointment when I didn’t get first, but I am pleased I did so well. I had to remind myself that when I was first nominated I didn’t expect to even break the top ten.

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